The BEST products for acne/oily prone skin! Morning and Night Routine!


I have struggled with acne/oily prone skin for as long as I can remember!  It’s the worst!  I had tried every product out there.  And just when I thought my skin was improving…bam…it would break out again.  Trying to cover it with makeup was just ridiculous.  Talk about making a bad situation worse.  Not only does makeup look horrid over zits, it also does nothing to heal the acne.  My self confidence was certainly in the toilet when my face wasn’t clear.

After spending tons of $$$ on products and treatments that just didn’t work, I decided to trash the products that weren’t giving me results, and pull the good products together in hopes of finding a cocktail that worked for me.  As I looked at my “good product” pile, it was interesting that some of the products were a little more expensive and some were not.  Some of my best results were coming from the drugstore….SCORE!!!  There was a definite theme to my success and that was to EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE!




My night time routine is quite different from my morning routine.  At night is when I really go after the acne.  Tretinoin Cream .025 is one of my secret weapons.  It’s awesome for treating acne and a huge side bonus is that it’s one of the best products for anti-aging! DOUBLE SCORE!  Check out my night time routine below!



If anyone understands the frustration associated with acne…it’s me!  And that’s why I wanted to share the cocktail of products that have worked for me!  I hope you found this information useful and remember…keeping your face clear requires commitment and consistency.  But in the end, it’s a battle worth fighting!

If you have any specific questions about any of the products I discussed in this video, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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Show Off Your Sunday Spirit Fingers With NFL Inspired Nail Art! – Broncos VS Colts!

It’s time for footballs fashionable Sunday showdown! Will Andrew Luck (#12) prevail again against Mile High Manning (#18) in this season’s big opening Sunday night game? Whether you’re a girl who leads her Fantasy Football team, or you’re a girl who only cares about throwing the baddest homegate party, I’ve got the step by step scoop on how to achieve the best NFL nails in the city! Not only will you be the envy of every girl at the party, your man will LOVE that you’re showing support for his favorite team!

Peyton Manning has always been my NFL crush! If you’re rooting for the Denver Broncos, follow my nail art tutorial to get your digits NFL ready!

If you’re an Indianapolis Colts fanatic and you’re gearing up to cheer Andrew Luck to victory, follow my Colts tutorial below!



I’m going to rate DIY NFL nails! I’m giving them 10 hoots because there’s no reason to waste your $$$ at a nail salon to get your nails football ready when you can unwaste your money on a new pair of Loubs!

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NFL Inspired Nail Art – Fashion Forward Nails For The Female Football Fan!

I am undeniably a girly girl, but when it comes to NFL Football, I can talk trash with the best of them! I don’t miss Sunday football, and I make no apologies for it!

Growing up in Indiana, I was always an Indianapolis Colts fan frequenting the games about as much as I frequented the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department (and that’s a lot)! I AM the biggest Peyton Manning fan who proudly wore his #18 jersey to the games on Sunday’s in Indianapolis. There was, however, one problem with that jersey…how was I going to style a football jersey to suit a fashionista? The good new is…I figured it out! I will be posting on Football Fashion in the next few weeks, but today I’m going to show you how to “NAIL” Football Inspired Nail Art!

As you probably all know by now, nails have become an extension to your overall look! Nail Art has been seen on every runway, and this trend isn’t going anywhere!

For those of you who follow football, you know that my crush, Peyton Manning, was traded to the Denver Broncos. Needless to say, I am now a Broncos fan as well! The Denver Broncos colors are orange, blue, and they always throw in the some white.

Check out these step by step instructions on how to “NAIL” Denver Broncos nail art!

If you’re a Baltimore Ravens fan (2013 Superbowl Champions), you may want to try this look below!

Denver Broncos / Baltimore Ravens

Let me rate the NFL Inspired Nail Trend. I’m giving it 10 hoots! It’s the perfect way to show support for your favorite team in a very fashion forward manner! Throw on some boyfriend jeans, a white tee-shirt, some great broken in leather boots (think Fryes), and you’re ready for game day!

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Beauty Blender – Celeb Secret To Flawless Foundation – $19.95 –


Girls, I’m about to tell you the celeb secret to flawless foundation…it’s the Beauty Blender!













When I got my first beauty blender, I wasn’t sure how to use it, and was leery about its effectiveness. Honestly, it sat on my bathroom counter top for a couple months! It wasn’t until a makeup artist friend of mine swore up and down about how amazing they were, that I decided to give it a try! Well…I LOVED IT! For everyone out there wondering how the heck you use this thing, check out the video below for tips!



WISE CHOICE TIP!!! Beauty Blender sells a cleanser called the Blender Cleanser. While you need to cleanse your beauty blender after each use, you do NOT need to buy the Blender Cleanser. I found a product called Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (100% organic) at my local drugstore. It’s great for cleaning your beauty blender. It comes in a large 16 oz. bottle and only costs $9.49. With a 16 oz. bottle of cleanser, it should last you a year or two!











The beauty blender is most definitely a weapon among the celeb arsenal of tricks of the trade. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kim Kardashian are just a couple celeb fans. Remember ladies, celebs are people just like us. They just happen to have the money that allows them access to the best of the best. The beauty blender is fab because it’s an industry trick that’s affordable for all of us! Your foundation will look like butter!

Now let me rate this product! As if you even had to guess…I’m giving it 10 hoots!

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Get Kim Kardashian/J Lo Eyelashes – False Eyelash Tutorial

For a night out on the town, there’s nothing better than putting on a pair of sexy false eyelashes!  False eyelashes can make you feel prettier, make you want to stand up straighter and  bat your eyes : ) 

Now, we’ve all seen girls walking around looking ridiculous with falses eyelashes that weren’t sized properly, the adhesive glue is exposed, and the lashes are on crooked!  We DON’T want to be “that girl”!

I enlisted the help of Emmy nominated makeup artist, Kerry Herta to help answer all of our false eyelash questions!  Which ones do we buy?  How do we apply them?  Are they a WISE CHOICE?  I hope you enjoy this tutorial and learn something from it!  I know I did!!!


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Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

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