Show Off Your Sunday Spirit Fingers With NFL Inspired Nail Art! – Broncos VS Colts!

It’s time for footballs fashionable Sunday showdown! Will Andrew Luck (#12) prevail again against Mile High Manning (#18) in this season’s big opening Sunday night game? Whether you’re a girl who leads her Fantasy Football team, or you’re a girl who only cares about throwing the baddest homegate party, I’ve got the step by step scoop on how to achieve the best NFL nails in the city! Not only will you be the envy of every girl at the party, your man will LOVE that you’re showing support for his favorite team!

Peyton Manning has always been my NFL crush! If you’re rooting for the Denver Broncos, follow my nail art tutorial to get your digits NFL ready!

If you’re an Indianapolis Colts fanatic and you’re gearing up to cheer Andrew Luck to victory, follow my Colts tutorial below!



I’m going to rate DIY NFL nails! I’m giving them 10 hoots because there’s no reason to waste your $$$ at a nail salon to get your nails football ready when you can unwaste your money on a new pair of Loubs!

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Minimergency Kit – Everything A Girl Might Need In A Pinch – $15.00 –


As fabulous girls, we strive to look perfect at all times!  Soooo exhausting!  I try to carry everything I MIGHT need to maintain my fashion/beauty efforts. But just how are we expected to carry all the things we might need in an emergency???  Even with my Balenciaga Weekender Bag, I don’t have the room or the arm strength for a full size bottle of hair spray, a bottle of advil, a box of bandages, a bottle of nail polish remover etc……..etc………..etc……….ugh…..

I found the solution!  The MINIMERGENCY KIT!









The Minimergency Kit contains everything a girl might need in a pinch!  What a genius idea!  This little pouch contains 17 (you heard me right) essential items you may need in an emergency!

This set contains: - Adhesive bandage – Safety pin – Earring backs – Deodorant towelette - Nail polish remover pad – Stain remover pad – Clear elastics – Lip balm – Emery board – Tampon – Hair spray – Clear nail polish – Dental floss – Mending kit – Breath freshener – Double-sided tape – Pain reliever









Check out my WISE CHOICE QUICK TIP video for a closer look at the MINIMERGENCY KIT!


I think we’ve all found ourselves in situations where we wished we had a MINIMERGENCY KIT!

I’ve found myself, on many occasions, out shopping with some fabulous stiletto’s on when I felt that dreaded blister coming on and so wished I had a bandage.

I’ve often times been at a restaurant eating, gone to the restroom and noticed that my perfectly slicked back bun had suddenly developed fly aways and wished I had some hair spray!

To make matters worse, I take a closer look in the mirror and notice that I have food in my teeth, and desperately need dental floss.

And then I looked down, only to realize I had a small food stain on my shirt and wished I had a dab of stain remover!

Oh…and in a rush to get to the restaurant on time, I messed up my nail polish and need some nail polish remover.

And the icing on cake….my date is really getting on my last nerve and I need some pain reliever!

Okay…the headache is gone, and maaayyyybe this guy isn’t too bad after all…hmmmm….I wish I had some breath freshener : )

Yep…we’ve all been there!  If only I had the MINIMERGENCY KIT…













What else you need to know: This TSA-compliant pouch is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but promises big-time usage: the lip balm has over 100 uses, the breath freshener contains 120 drops, the hair spray has 75 sprays, and the clear polish can mend 200 nails.

Let me rate this product!  I’m giving the MINIMERGENCY KIT 8 hoots!  I think this makes a perfect gift!  I have given the Minimergency Kit as gifts to two friends, and they loved it!




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Fashionista Nails

Nails have become BIG NEWS!  Hot new nail designs and nail colors have become an extension of a girls personal style!  From traditional manicures with a polish, minx nails (think Gaga, JLo, and Beyonce), and gel polish (no drying time and lasts 2-3 weeks), the options are endless!  Last time I hit the nail salon (Marie Nails in Los Angeles, CA.), I decided to mix things up a bit!

I was planning to wear a grey lace shirt (JOIE brand) with some dark skinny leg jeans and wanted to match my nails to my grey lace shirt.  I opted for a rich charcoal gel polish accented with small clear rhinestones on three fingers, and brought in the bling factor with silver glitter gel polish on my pointer and ring fingers.  It did look super cute with my grey lace JOIE brand shirt!  What do you think?


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