The BEST products for acne/oily prone skin! Morning and Night Routine!


I have struggled with acne/oily prone skin for as long as I can remember!  It’s the worst!  I had tried every product out there.  And just when I thought my skin was improving…bam…it would break out again.  Trying to cover it with makeup was just ridiculous.  Talk about making a bad situation worse.  Not only does makeup look horrid over zits, it also does nothing to heal the acne.  My self confidence was certainly in the toilet when my face wasn’t clear.

After spending tons of $$$ on products and treatments that just didn’t work, I decided to trash the products that weren’t giving me results, and pull the good products together in hopes of finding a cocktail that worked for me.  As I looked at my “good product” pile, it was interesting that some of the products were a little more expensive and some were not.  Some of my best results were coming from the drugstore….SCORE!!!  There was a definite theme to my success and that was to EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE!




My night time routine is quite different from my morning routine.  At night is when I really go after the acne.  Tretinoin Cream .025 is one of my secret weapons.  It’s awesome for treating acne and a huge side bonus is that it’s one of the best products for anti-aging! DOUBLE SCORE!  Check out my night time routine below!



If anyone understands the frustration associated with acne…it’s me!  And that’s why I wanted to share the cocktail of products that have worked for me!  I hope you found this information useful and remember…keeping your face clear requires commitment and consistency.  But in the end, it’s a battle worth fighting!

If you have any specific questions about any of the products I discussed in this video, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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